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Inspired Creations – Dandelion Wine

At long last, the time has come to get the Inspired Creations Contest party started! Today I have the great privilege of sharing an incredible design pulled together by Kim and Bonnie from Punch, Kathy from The Party Place and Sara from Sara Gray Photography in Portland, Oregon. This team literally blew me away with their imaginative collaboration, all centered on Kim’s love for a vintage copy of Ray Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine. I’m a book junkie. I’m married to an English teacher. I’m obsessed with decor crafted from paper and pages of old books. So taking all of that into consideration, I can only say that I am in love. Completely, enthusiastically, happily in love with this first entry.



The team shares, “Kim bought a copy of Ray Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine at a thrift store when she was 16. She read it and reread it, carrying it around in her backpack over several years as its spine wore down and the pages yellowed. When she met Bonnie, her partner at Punch (specializing in floral, styling and type), they bonded over their shared love for the book and its unique namesake blooms that litter abandoned fields in summertime. They decided one day they’d design a wedding around it. When the Punch team met Sara Gray and began to brainstorm about ways to style a unique wedding concept for the Inspired Creations Contest, the dandelions were blooming in the city parks and the time was right. The result is an elegant, clean, less-is-more approach with a touch of whimsy.”



dandelion-wine-vintage-books-modern-wedding-ideas“The box was created from a salvaged fence and then small finishing nails were hammered through from the underside, creating a rather dangerous-looking contraption. Once the nails were in place, the dandelions were simply slid on top, creating a stunning centerpiece that appears to be floating. Kathy from The Party Place provided a large rectangular table and linens, plus plates and glassware for the concept, which gave the idea a backbone and a foundation on which to build. Small touches like the gray, yellow and white simple bouquet and tiny boutonniere (displayed on a library check-out card) brought the concept to life.”





“The menu cards were created in Illustrator and the yellow graphic was stamped on afterward. The bit of yellow helped to add a touch of color to the table without being too literal. The pages from Dandelion Wine hanging on the wall helped to create depth and interest, and they are in fact original pages from Kim’s beloved copy of the book.”







Not only is this inspiration shoot unbelievably gorgeous, but this team also gave credibility to the mantra that Ami and I share – the only limit when dreaming up your wedding is the size of your imagination, not your budget! Using an assortment of personal belongings, salvaged wood, dandelions picked from a field and affordable craft supplies available at most local craft shops, the team spent just $55 pulling their concept together. The folks at Saucebox allowed them to use the incredible space gratis and they used their shared affection for a beloved work of literature to shape their vision. (Have I mentioned how much I love this?) Thank you so much, ladies, for sharing your incredibly inspired vision for a dandelion wedding. It’s an honor to share your design inspiration as a part of the Inspired Creations Contest!

Kim and Bonnie from Punch
Kathy from The Party Place
Sara from Sara Gray Photography

{Photos by Sara Gray Photography.}

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