A Christmas Collection

Dec 14

I’ve been collecting a lot of pretty Christmas ideas on Pinterest and thought I’d share a sampling of the shiny things that I am loving right now. If you’re like me and you’re still working on Christmas decorating, baking and crafting, consider this an extra dose of inspiration. I am definitely digging holiday decor that is a little sparkly, a bit time worn and charmingly homespun because it reminds me of all the things Christmas should be – magical, happy, full of tradition, and alive with carefree laughter and joy.


Row 1: sparkly house, DIY snowmen, sugary star cookies
Row 2: winter wonderland ornament, Christmas tree, snowy tree
Row 3: mantle, joy, cookie cutters
Row 4: berries, wreath, vintage ornaments
Row 5: Christmas treats, sugar cookies, snowy wreath

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