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DIY Ruffle Garland

Hi sweets! It’s Jenny from Hank + Hunt and I am really excited about this DIY today…I’ve been meaning to share it with you. As you may know, the first thing I started selling in my shop were ruffled fabric garlands. I like them because they are pretty and girly and sometimes as a mom of two boys, you really need something feminine. But what I love most is that I can touch them and they will be around as long as my memories will. Garlands made out of fabric will last through years of celebrations.

Make these for your wedding, use them for your mini munchkin’s first birthday, Sweet 16 and your 25th Anniversary. Make them in whatever length you want; today, I’m doing short chair garlands. Enjoy!

4 yards of fabric
Rotary cutter
Pinking shears
Thread and needle
Sewing machine
Twill tape or ribbon

Wash, dry and iron the fabric. Lightweight cotton (like muslin or cotton gauze) works best. Fold in half with the cut ends together, then fold in half three or four more times the same way. This shortens the length so the width can fit on the table cutting mat. Using a ruler, cut 3” strips perpendicular to the cut edge. This makes 3” by 4 yard long strips. Four yards of fabric will make at least 12 strips, depending on the width of the fabric. Now, take two strips and layer them on top of each other, right sides facing out.

Thread the needle with a 2 yard length of thread, doubling over so you have a total length of 36”. Knot the end of the thread so it won’t pull through the fabric. Starting about 2-3” from the end of the strip, start sewing a straight gathering stitch down the center of both strips. Continue until you reach the end of your thread. Gently gather, keeping ruffles evenly spaced and flat. Continue sewing the gathering stitch to the end of your thread again.

Gently gather, and repeat. For the chair garland, I gathered four times total. For a longer garland, you would continue sewing and gathering until you reach the desired length. See #10 for how to join more strips of fabric continuously.

Once you have the length of garland you need, tie off the thread in a knot to hold the gather. Trim the end of the strip, with pinking shears, about 2-3” from the end knot. Trim the beginning end of the strip, if you haven’t already.

Now, for the sewing machine part. Using the zigzag stitch setting on the machine, shorten your stitch length setting so you have a thick embroidery style stitch. Starting 2-3” in from the end, stitch a straight line down the center of the gathered strips. This strengthens your gather, stitching it in place so it won’t break or move along the gathering stitch line.

Be careful that the ends of your fabric don’t get caught under the needle; this is why we keep the ruffle flat with the edges to the side. **This step is REALLY important and without it, your garland gather can break. My first few garlands, used a plain straight stitch for securing, and their durability was very delicate. The embroidery stitch not only looks prettier, but is strong enough to endure more than one party.**
Continue sewing until you reach the end knot. Stop and trim your threads.

Cut two pieces of twill tape about a yard each. Fold in half and insert the folded end into the end of the strip, between the two layers.

Sew the embroidery stitch about ¼” from the end to the existing embroidery stitch. Stop, take out and trim threads.

Stitch the embroidery stitch across the end of the strips perpendicular to the length of the garland, as shown. Repeat on the other side to attach the other tie.


Let me introduce you to my little friend…THE RUFFLER. Ok, it really is Hank + Hunt’s best friend. This is a big trade secret for Hank + Hunt, without it I wouldn’t have sewn more than two or three garlands and with it I have sewn bolts of them. If you are planning to make garlands for your party or wedding, I’m telling you now… you need to get one for your machine. It’s called a ruffling foot and they make it for most sewing machines. For those of you that don’t sew much, you might not even know this…your machine can use different feet. All those fancy little rolled edges, attaching zippers easily, free form designs and YES, RUFFLES…it’s all in the foot. There is a lot of skill involved with sewing, but I promise you that if you can sew a straight line, you, too, can use THE RUFFLER. I know it sounds dramatic, but it really is called that for my machine. I have the box to prove it.

Let’s make a garland with The Ruffler. Take your two strips and insert them together through The Ruffler, pull through gently so you have about an inch or two at the end.

Make sure you are centered in the strip, and sew just like it was a straight line. Go ahead, smile because it’s so easy.

This little baby will evenly stitch even little gathers all day long. Stop when you have the length you need. Switch out to your regular foot and continue with steps 4 & 5. **Make sure you are sending the garland through the machine in the same direction, or it could pull the gather out.

ADDING MORE LENGTH: If you want to increase the length of your garland and have reached the end of your strip:
About 2” to the very end (make sure your ends are trimmed), insert the next two strips, right in between them in the center and continue sewing.
*This also works for hand gathering. Insert strips and continue sewing.

Directions for using garland:

1. FLUFF – Gently pull layers of fabric apart on each side.
2. HANG.

Here you have a lovely little garland, and the lovely little secret recipe to make one. Enjoy! xo

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Jenny @ Hank + Hunt

Thursday 8th of December 2011

HI Eli! You are right! I'm not sure where they went but I will get them in right away! xo Jenny

Eli P.

Wednesday 7th of December 2011

I love this, but am I the only one that can't find steps 4&5? PLEASE HELP ME...

Fall Style Trends, Ruffles Trend, Diva Entertains Blog | Diva Entertains Blog

Tuesday 20th of September 2011

[...] You can click HERE for the Ruffle Garland tutorial. [...]


Sunday 3rd of April 2011

I love the ruffle garland guide! I have a phaff and the ruffler attachment I have doesn't let me sew down the middle. Do you have some information on the type of attachment you have, like the serial number? Thanks so much, I can't wait to make some garland for my granddaughter's 5th birthday! ~ox`


Thursday 31st of March 2011

LOVE this! I bought a ruffler a few weeks ago and I'm loving all the fun things I'm finding to do with it! Thanks for sharing!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.