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Six Tips for Throwing Super Cool Parties

While at Alt Summit in January, one of my favorite speakers was the endlessly creative Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day. Jordan’s six tips for taking your parties to the next level were so spot on I immediately knew I needed to share them with you. Luckily, Jordan was a champ and was happy to share. Herewith, her tips for planning rockin’ celebrations (rehashed in my words)…

Tip 1. Invitations That Sparkle
Never underestimate the power of great paper to kick off your event in fine style. Be surprising and unique – use fun colors or incorporate details like great stamps, hand calligraphy or fabric, and think about including something interactive. When in doubt, skip the evite and go with paper. Nothing gets your guests excited like fabulous invitations.

{Photo by Emma James | Invit­ing Affairs via Oh So Beautiful Paper.}

Tip 2. Pick a Theme
Picking a theme – or even a color scheme – allows you to easily pull the rest of your plans together. The theme doesn’t need to be over the top, just pick something fun that you love and run with it. A touch of the unexpected goes the long way. A birthday party fiesta with papel picado and big sombreos? Now that’s fun.

{Photo by Kallie Brynn Photography from David’s 25th Birthday Fiesta.}

Tip 3. Add an Element of Surprise
To keep things really fun, throw in an element of surprise. Be unexpected. Nothing gets a crowd buzzing like a little extra excitement. Think tractor rides, caricature artists, a pinata full of candy at an otherwise grown up party or a special guest like a performer or a magician. The surprises can be little or large – just mix it up!

{Photo by Stella Steen of Eikon Photography from A Tractor Birthday.}

Tip 4. Group Participation
Give guests something to do! It’s more fun and can help break the ice, too. Every year my friend Carolynn of Two Brunettes and her husband throw an Oscars party. Guests are asked to bring a dish to pass inspired by one of the Best Picture nominees and fill out Oscars ballots while dishing on the red carpet fashion. It’s always a hit!

{Photo by Carolynn Giordano from DIY Vintage Hollywood Oscars Party.}

Tip 5. Make it Monochromatic
Choosing one color instantly makes a bold visual statement, and it can also make it a lot easier to pull your event design details together in a cohesive fashion. Color automatically coordinates a space and makes it look pulled together and it can often make it easier to find budget-friendly decor ideas, too.

{Photo by She-n-He Photography via Style Me Pretty.}

Tip 6. Size Does Matter
Everyday objects become something extraordinary when magnified in size or multiplied in numbers. Pick an easily found, inexpensive item and use it in mass to create a great impact. Carnations as filler flowers are passé, but an oversized centerpiece of carnations is spectacular. Why use a few balloons when you can pack a room full? As I always say (probably too often) – go big or go home.

{Styling by Jordan Ferney. Photo by Paul Ferney.}

So there you have it. Jordan’s six tips for throwing really cool parties. What do you think? Do you have any go-to entertaining tips? Share them!

{Post inspired by Jordan Ferney’s 6 Tips to Take Your Party to the Next Level.}

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Wednesday 9th of March 2011

Love the photo of the soda bottles. Love this list. These ideas seem attainable and fabulous. Thanks!


Sunday 6th of March 2011

Nice post...thanks for the tips

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.