Party Palette: Beach Chic

May 11

With spring having finally decided to stick around and summer close on her heels, you’re going to notice things getting increasingly beachy around here. I grew up on the water and I swear I can’t stay away, especially in the warmer months. By summer you’ll find me on a boat or a beach or a lakefront every chance I get. These colors are the colors my dreams are made of – watery hues that whisk you away.

{top. The Wheatfield. left. Elle France via Habitually Chic. right. Kryaart from Circle of Unreality.}

7 thoughts on “Party Palette: Beach Chic”

  1. Hi Cyd! I sent you a message on twitter yesterda bc I newly discovered and love this blog and have been loving your work at smock and bella figura! I was hoping to order some eco-friendly letterpress wedding invitations soon. Do you do any custom designs? I am looking for something in blues and greens, perhaps with some bunting. Your Sea post was right on target! I love the Wheatfield Take me to the Sea print.

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