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DIY Prize Ribbon

Hey there and happy morning, friends! I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. Chelsea here from Lovely Indeed, and today I’ve got a DIY for you that I can almost guarantee you can put together for a couple of bucks, if not absolutely for free. (My favorite!) We’re making prize ribbons – and who doesn’t love winning a prize?

Supplies –

  • an old paper grocery bag
  • Elmers glue
  • a glue gun
  • scissors
  • glitter
  • scrap cardboard

From your grocery bag, cut these shapes:

Fold the long rectangle into an accordion, with the folds about 1/4 inch wide. Then fan out the folds and hot glue the ends of the rectangle together, making a circle. For stability, also hot glue a small circle of cardboard onto the back of the folded paper.

Next, spread Elmer’s and sprinkle glitter onto your remaining shapes.

Finally, assemble all of your pieces; hot glue the glittered circle onto the center of the folded brown piece, and hot glue the two ribbons in an upside-down V shape, peeking out from behind the folded brown piece. Present it to your favorite person and let them know you love them! You can glue a magnet to the back and put it on a fridge, or glue a pin to the back and pin it on a guest of honor. Use it as a bow on a package, or as decoration at your next shindig.  Quick, easy, and adorable! xoxo

{Photos by Lovely Indeed for The Sweetest Occasion.}

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