Party Palette: Honeydew + Pretty Blues

Jul 27

I always love sitting down to drum up inspiration for the weekly color palette. This week I was inspired by the prettiest shades of honeydew and watery blues. I’m a self-professed cool color girl. Hues that remind me of the lake and ocean always feel the most at home with me so I just love this pretty palette. What colors are your lifelong favorites? Leave a comment with your inspiration and I’ll pick someone’s favorite color for next week’s color palette!

{top. Shootfactory via Brunch at Saks. left. Ez Pudewa of Creature Comforts via Flights of Fancy. right. Dream Spun.}

6 thoughts on “Party Palette: Honeydew + Pretty Blues”

  1. Goldenrod and sunshine yellows. I remember in kindergarten getting made fun of when my favorite color was yellow and everyone else’s was blue or red, but I stuck by it and it’s still my fave. :) For me, there’s something just so promising and hopeful about a vibrant yellow. Like good things to come.

  2. gorgeous! im planning my wedding with a very watery teal and cream with touches of gold. so far i havent seen ONE website with that combo! would love to see it!!

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