DIY Party Animal Candles

Aug 9

Hi there, it’s Jenny from Hank + Hunt with a fun and super easy diy today! As soon as I thought of making these I got a huge kick out of naming them Party Animals. Hilarious, but if you hear groaning…it’s coming from my house. Regardless of how cheesy the name is, these turn out awesome. Your kid’s favorite animal holding that birthday candle minus those red eyes that are oh so typical for plastic creatures, awesome.

Supplies –

  • plastic animals
  • plastic candle holders
  • drill with 1/8″ drill bit
  • pliers
  • gold spray paint

For the plastic animals, you can use any kind you can find. Keep in mind the size of the cake or cupcake you are sticking it on. I used the animals with a flat back, so it is easier to stick in the candle holder.

Hold the animal with the pliers and drill a hole straight down, being careful not to pop out the other side. The hole just has to be deep enough for the holder to fit.

Spray paint the animals in a few light coats, rotating them to cover all sides. Note: I used gold (w/o primer) and it worked fine for both the nicer plastic animals and the dollar store ones. I wanted a pop of color but some of the animals didn’t take to regular spray paint, be sure to use a plastic spray paint or a primer for plastic and always test one first.

I also painted the candle holders to match. Let dry.

That’s it. Party on like an animal! Rawr.

{Photos by Hank + Hunt for The Sweetest Occasion.}

126 thoughts on “DIY Party Animal Candles”

  1. I really like your idea. My children always brings home these plastic things from the dollar store and i always end up throwing them out in the garbage. But thanks to you I am going to use them to decorate for all occasions.

  2. THIS IS SOOOOOOOOO effing brilliant!!!! I have so many of these little plastic animals too! Don’t ask me why, but totally know what im doing with them!! love favorite DIY ever in the history of DIYs!!
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  3. Fantastic! In the first photo, I thought I was looking at a bronze candle holder. I’m floored that you were able to so elegantly transform inexpensive plastic animals in to holders that look so refined. I’m certainly going to borrow this idea. Thanks!
    .-= Linda at Circular Needles’s most recent blog post: A Pleasant Surprise =-.

  4. Ok. I am SO happy to know my mom and I are not the only ones who buy those bags of animals at the dollar store, spray paint them, and use them as décor. One year we bought an animal to fit each of our family member’s personalities, spray painted them gold, then dusted them with gold glitter, cut a slit in the back and used them as placecard holders for Christmas dinner. Odd? Yes. Sparkly and cool? Yes. Weird? Now that I know that we’re not alone with this obsession: No!
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