Loving Bridal Fashion

Sep 29

I love how fashion forward bridal style has become in the last few years. Gone are the days of wearing a poofy veil just because your mother did. And if you love a poofy veil? There are more rockin’ options than ever before. I love a pop of color, a touch of metallic shine, a hint of vintage whimsy and an unexpected accessory or two.

1. Polka dot blusher veil / 2. Tulle wedding dress (by Tec Petaja) / 3. Rhinestone headband / 4. Gold sequin shrug (by Shannon Nicole Smith) / 5. Pink cardigan (by Bradley James Photography) / 6. Marigold clutch (by Belathée Photography) / 7. Flower headpiece (by Elizabeth Messina) / 8. Romantic bouquet + veil (by Elizabeth Messina).

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