A Glittery Holiday Fete

Dec 27

I love this fun, glittery holiday fete shared by the lovely Kate of Beautiful Days. I’ve shared a ton of Kate’s fabulous work before (see here, here, here and here for just a few of my favorites) and there’s a reason why. Her parties are always absolutely beautiful, but beyond that, I just can’t get enough of her approach to at-home entertaining. She always pairs unexpectedly beautiful design elements with an easy, cozy vibe that you know guests love. This party invited a group of her favorite moms into her home for an evening of cocktails and delicious food. With loads of sparkle and candlelight, you could run with this as inspiration for a New Year’s Eve party, a winter wedding or just a seasonal party with your best girls. I’m personally loving every last detail.

Vendors –
Event + floral design: Beautiful Days / Photography: Marina DeMarco for  Lumina / Craft + wrapping paper for centerpieces: *Gus & Ruby Letterpress

{Photos by Marina DeMarco for  Lumina.}

*Gus and Ruby Letterpress is one of our beloved sponsors. Read more about our editorial policies.

10 thoughts on “A Glittery Holiday Fete”

  1. These photos caught my eye on pinterest. Do the paper stars and mercury glass votives come from Luna Bazaar? We would love to have these photos on our website, and be able to say “As Seen In: The Sweetest Occasion”. The photography and styling are superb!

  2. Gorgeous! I love LOVE the lighting, and the setup is stunning. The wee elements of the centerpiece are the perfect mix… it can be sometimes difficult for people to wrap their heads around a modern space like this for a traditional holiday like Christmas… but this is bang on :)

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