A Glittery Holiday Fete

Dec 27

I love this fun, glittery holiday fete shared by the lovely Kate of Beautiful Days. I’ve shared a ton of Kate’s fabulous work before (see here, here, here and here for just a few of my favorites) and there’s a reason why. Her parties are always absolutely beautiful, but beyond that, I just can’t get enough of her approach to at-home entertaining. She always pairs unexpectedly beautiful design elements with an easy, cozy vibe that you know guests love. This party invited a group of her favorite moms into her home for an evening of cocktails and delicious food. With loads of sparkle and candlelight, you could run with this as inspiration for a New Year’s Eve party, a winter wedding or just a seasonal party with your best girls. I’m personally loving every last detail.

Vendors –
Event + floral design: Beautiful Days / Photography: Marina DeMarco for  Lumina / Craft + wrapping paper for centerpieces: *Gus & Ruby Letterpress

{Photos by Marina DeMarco for  Lumina.}

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