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DIY May Day Bouquet

by Jenny Batt

April showers bring May flowers…and today is May Day! May 1st was the date of a happy festival dedicated to Flora, goddess of flowers and spring. So this isn’t exactly a traditional May basket, but the thought is the same. Fill with flowers and leave at the door of friends’ homes. Who wouldn’t love walking up to one of these on their way in?

Supplies –

  • straight sided jar
  • tissue paper
  • scissors
  • double stick tape
  • flowers

Wash and dry old glass jars. Use a Magic Eraser to remove glue and those printed letters on the jar, it works amazingly. Cut strips of tissue paper about 1.5″ wide. Wrap one piece around the jar and cut to size, with a slight overlap. Cut more strips using the first piece as a template.

Fold each cut piece in half lengthwise. Cut fringe.

Run a strip of double stick tape vertically on the jar, from top to bottom of the side. Add a second strip of tape on the opposite side of the jar.

Starting at the bottom of the jar, press one end of a single fringed strip in the first tape. This will be the back of the jar. Wrap around the jar, press into front strip of tape, continue around jar and press other end into the tape in the back. Wrap each layer of fringe, working up the jar. Two layers of each color make great stripes.

Carefully water and fill with flowers. Make a cheap but peppy bouquet out of carnations.  I don’t care what anyone thinks, I love them and all their little petals.Cut the stems short and pack them in. Write a quick note, sneak them on a porch, add a little more water with a small water bottle.

Make a bunch and drop them off at neighbors and friends. Note: this is tissue paper, not for rainy doorstops!

Now, with Cinco de Mayo only a few days away, wouldn’t these be great as a centerpiece in various sizes and heights? Or for Mother’s Day, jazz up that mini arrangement on mom’s breakfast tray by using a tall skinny bottle from jam or capers for a great bud vase. Fringe goes with absolutely everything!

{Photos by Hank & Hunt for The Sweetest Occasion.}

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.