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Party Palette: Scarlet + Begonia

Good morning and happy Monday, friends! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine ended up being rather more eventful than I had anticipated so I am looking forward to jumping right back into the week with a whole lot of pretty. So let’s do this, shall we? I have to admit to having a nearly lifelong aversion to pink and red paired together. And furthermore, I’ve always found it hard to see red and green together without immediately getting visions of jingle bells. So today we’re playing with all of that and I have to say – I don’t hate the result! I think the key to making a palette like this work is choosing one color, such as the scarlet, as your primary color and then using lots of neutrals and just pops of begonia, blush and honeydew. To me this palette is modern and fresh and perfect for summer in a slightly unexpected way.

{Photos, from top: Jen Huang via Grey Likes Weddings / Adam Barnes via Southern Weddings / Desserts for Breakfast.}

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