Pretty Little Things That I Love vol. 21

Jul 13

I have this dream of retiring in New England and wearing nothing but navy, stripes and topsiders. It’s a very real dream, I have to tell you. Of course in this dream I’d also sail every morning and eat lobster every night for dinner. Definitely followed up by homemade wild blueberry pie, definitely. So this little dream now shared, let’s talk about my obsession with essentially all things nautical. Maybe it’s because floating on the water is basically my favorite thing ever or maybe it’s because I really am just that preppy, but nautical details just get me. At any rate, here are a few of my favorite recent nautical finds. Tell me you wouldn’t rock those anchor earrings? I know you would!

{Shop: Earrings / bathing suit / set sail print / bracelet / tote / boat shoes.}

8 thoughts on “Pretty Little Things That I Love vol. 21”

  1. i think your dream sounds fantastic. mine is the same but in ireland with lots of tea and scones. :) i have a pair of anchor earrings that i get a lot of use out of in the summertime!

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