Loving Adventures

Aug 7

This summer I have an unshakable sense of wanderlust. All I want to do is travel, explore and adventure the days away. While my current schedule keeps that from being a reality, I am hoping that this fall I can set off on a few grand adventures. Topping my list? A trip to Banff National Park in Alberta with a stay at the unbelievable Fairmont. Seriously, is that place even real? Talk about a dream! Fancy hotels aside, I really just want to rove around the mountains, sleep under the trees, and breathe it all in, taking no fewer than a million photos and enjoying the very best of company along the way. Today my head is definitely full of road trip daydreams!

Amazing road trip inspiration from The Sweetest Occasion

{Photos, from top: Dunkeltoy / James Moes / Plakka / Oh, Pioneer! / Nicholas Peter / Jacqueline Barkla / The Fresh Exchange.}