Pretty Little Things That I Love vol. 25

Aug 17

Remember last week? When I went a little crazy and started talking about fall? Yeah, I do, too. I apologize for all that noise. But no worries! I’ve cut the crazy talk, come to my senses and I’m coming at you with a serious dose of summer lovin’ today. These colors. Can we talk about these colors? These are the colors I dream in. Seriously. Aqua, coral, a little sunshine yellow…it’s like being on a permanent vacation just by picking up a cute new accessory or two! I, for one, am seriously digging this hat. That said, I fall squarely into the “can’t pull off a hat worth a damn” category so I’m going to leave it up to one of you to rock it for me. Sound good?

Pretty coral and aqua accessories | The Sweetest Occasion

{Shop: Hat / chocolates / tank / bracelet / sunglasses / shopping tote.}

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