Party Palette: Emerald + Bourbon

Oct 15

Good morning, friends! I hate to be that guy on a Monday morning, but seriously, does anyone know where the weekend went? Mine was quiet and laid back, and over with far too quickly. As promised, I made up a big pot of my mom’s corn chowder and baked my favorite cookies. (Stay tuned for the recipe later this week!) Add in frozen cold toes at a football game while slurping on steaming styrofoam cups of hot chocolate and you basically have the perfect fall weekend. And now it’s Monday and we’re going to talk about how I am obsessed with emerald. I think I basically always have been, but lately it’s a full blown love affair. Paired with monochromatic shades of green and blue and a touch of bourbon, this palette is kind of my favorite. (You know, until next week.)

Emerald + bourbon | The Sweetest Occasion

{Photos, from top: Confetti System / Geninne / Baked Bree.}

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