Nutella Pie Pops

Dec 5

It’s fair to say that I am basically obsessed with everything that Linda of Call Me Cupcake does. Her recipes and her photography are entirely inspiring and I could lose myself for hours on her blog. In fact, pretty soon I am planning to lose myself for hours in the kitchen making her Nutella pie pops in time to hand out for holiday gifts. Because, they look insanely delicious and they’re also adorable which is what I dub a win-win in my little corner of the world.

Nutella pie pops by Call Me Cupcake via The Sweetest Occasion

As it were, should I be skilled in reading Swedish I’d also be picking up a copy of Linda’s new book. If you have such Swedish fluency, I highly suggest you read it and then brag to us about the wonders it contains. In the meantime, I’ll be making these.

{Photo + recipe by Call Me Cupcake.}

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