What To Wear Traveling

Mar 14

I’m pretty sure you guys have noticed that I’ve been traveling quite a bit lately. So with that in mind, I thought I’d share my favorite go-to ensemble for traveling in case you might have a trip of your own coming up. (Or, if like me, you really just love any excuse to talk about cute clothes.) My go-to items are always a great scarf (because planes can get chilly), a cute umbrella (so you’re not caught in the rain like I was the other day in New York), and my Ballasox flats. I received a pair a few months ago and honestly, they’re my favorite flats ever. Cozy and form-fitting like a sock and they come in so many fun colors. Oh, and I never travel without a big tote for stashing my laptop, notebooks and chargers while on the go.

What To Wear Traveling

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