The Sweetest Occasion Reader Survey

May 29

I have no idea how another year has slipped by so quickly, but alas it has and it’s officially that time again – time for the 2013 reader survey! Once a year I reach out to you and ask you to chime in with your thoughts, suggestions and ideas to help keep The Sweetest Occasion evolving. Over the last several weeks I’ve been spent a lot of time putting pen to paper dreaming up new ideas for columns and features and new ways to bring you more and better content. Combine that with your input in this year’s survey and I have big plans to make this next year the best one yet! The survey is short and sweet (just 11 questions) and one lucky participant will receive a $50 J.Crew gift card as my personal thank you for contributing your thoughts and ideas. (If that sounds like a  bribe, it’s ok. I’m not above bribing!)

Inspire someone today.

Take the survey here and allow me to thank you in advance! You’re all the best. Seriously. xoxo

p.s. Please note that in order to be entered in the giveaway you’ll need to include your email address when taking the survey. (Only completed surveys will be eligible to win.) Your answers will remain completely anonymous and your email address will never be shared! The survey is open now through Friday, June 7 and the winner will be announced soon thereafter!


[Image by Oh No Rachio. Visit her shop here.]