Manly Cocktails for Dad

Jun 13

With Father’s Day this weekend, it only seemed appropriate to talk about toasting Dad with something supremely delicious! I’m really looking forward to spending the weekend with B and our families, and along with his favorite dessert a perfectly concocted cocktail is definitely on the spoil-him-rotten menu this weekend. When thinking about cocktails for guys, think liquors like bourbon, whiskey, spiced rum and tequila, and skip overly sweet additions. Because guys like manly cocktails. Or so I tell myself in my head. Either way, the guys are sure to love these cocktails, but lucky for us ladies – you will, too! Need more ideas for Father’s Day? Pop over to Babble for my favorite homemade gifts for Dad!

Cocktails for Dads - The Sweetest Occasion

[1: Morocco | 2: El Diablo | 3: Bubbly Manhattan | 4: Blood orange margarita | 5: Blood orange shandy | 6: Cherry whiskey smash | 7: Porter shakes | 8: Inside-out mojito | 9: Carrot orange ginger bourbon cocktail.]