Mix It Up: Blueberry Cocktails

Aug 14

Blueberry Cocktails | The Sweetest Occasion

I’ve always been a big fan of blueberries but after my inaugural trip to Maine and my first taste of wild blueberries a few years back, it was all over for me. I am now certifiably outright obsessed with blueberries. In pies, cobblers, ice cream and even cocktails. Or maybe especially cocktails! Something about fresh blueberries pairs so well with vodka, gin and even beer. This time of year when blueberries are plentiful the season is perfect for sipping on a refreshing blueberry cocktail – think about adding fresh herbs, too! Mint, thyme and basil all taste amazing with blueberries. I usually like my blueberries served up with lemonade and vodka, but these other cocktails are catching my eye, too. With a splash of ginger beer? Sounds amazing!

[Blueberry cocktails | 1: Blueberry infused vodka lemonade from Keep It Simple Foods | 2: Blueberry buck from Beyond the Plate | 3: The Summer Storm from Smith & Ratliff.]

2 thoughts on “Mix It Up: Blueberry Cocktails”

  1. i’ve never given much thought to blueberries because where i’m from, they’re quite abundant around this season. but you’re right, they are so good with everything!! :)

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