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The Gift Guide: Gifts for Guys

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I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Are you doing any Black Friday shopping today? I’m definitely the type who skips all that madness in favor of a lazy day of Christmas movies on the couch. But, being Friday, I couldn’t resist sharing the next edition of The Gift Guide with you! Today we’re talking gifts for guys. My good friend Carolynn actually shot me a text this week asking when my gift guide for gents would be up so she could scope it out for ideas for husband. That said, not everyone has a blogger friend on speed dial so I’m here to suggest the next best thing – Keep! You have heard me rave about Keep all year long because I really just love how easy Keep makes it to collect and scavenge for everything from home decor essentials to, you guessed it, holiday gifts! It’s how I’ve been sourcing and stashing gift ideas for literally everyone on my list this year, streamlining the process and making holiday shopping a whole lot of fun.

Holiday Gifts for Guys | The Sweetest Occasion

You can find all of these gift ideas (and all the other little bits and baubles catching my eye) by following me on Keep. You’ll love how easy it is to create your own wish lists and gift collections, making holiday shopping a breeze over the next few weeks. If you’re specifically looking for the perfect gifts for the dudes in your life my Gifts for Gents collection is where it’s at. I’ll be adding more ideas there almost daily so stay tuned!

1: Woolrich tartan blanket, $135 | 2: Radio, $150 | 3: Mechanical pencil, $8.95 | 4: Brass compass, $30 | 5: Leather key fob, $39 | 6: Wood grain iPhone case, $25 | 7: Concrete desk set, $60 | 8: Vintage airplane cufflinks, $45 | 9: Small batch tonic, $9 | 10: Wireless bamboo keyboard, $69 | 11: Shaving set, $70 | 12: Leather watch box, $99 | 13: Leather index wallet, $95 | 14: Cubebot toy, $24 | 15: How to Be a Man book, $28 | 16: Headphones, $99

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