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Loving an Ice Cream Party

Ice cream. And lobster. Absolutely my two favorite foods in the whole wide universe. Followed very closely by cheese. But I digress. Turns out, I love an ice cream party like you wouldn’t believe. Load up on your favorite flavors and the cutest ice cream cone wrappers, cups, spoons and sprinkles you can find and you’re well on your way! Of course, while we all know that kids love a good ice cream party, don’t discount an ice cream party for grown-up friends, too. Fruity drinks and fruity cones go perfectly together!

Ice Cream Party Ideas from @cydconverse

[1: Watermelon ice cream cone wrappers | 2: Strawberry ice cream cone wrappers | 3: DIY ice cream caddy | 4: Ice cream party invitations | 5: Strawberry ice cream sandwiches | 6: DIY tassel ice cream spoons | 7: Ice cream soda printables | 8: DIY waffle cones.]

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