Gorgeous Fall Lip Color

Oct 22

As I’ve entered my 30s, I’ve found myself wanting to experiment more with lipstick. Actual, real, grown up lady lipstick. I’m a gloss girl through and through. Usually tinted gloss with a good amount of pigment, but I’ve never strayed too far into wearing opaque lipstick. I find it kind of scary! Is that weird? Anyone feeling me? Right now I’m loving these rich lip color shades from Anthropologie, which are pretty perfect for fall and the upcoming holiday season. I want to be brave enough to rock one at a party or just out to dinner. Do you have any favorite shades you’d recommend? You can also check out Jordan’s search for the best red lipsticks, if you’re on the hunt, too!

Gorgeous Fall Lip Color


[Photos from Anthropologie.]

3 thoughts on “Gorgeous Fall Lip Color”

  1. oh I hear you! Always loved lipstick but, until a year or so ago, never too matte, too strong or too opaque. It took a random gift from Antipodes’ “Hit me with your best shot” (a high pink) to change my mind. I was quite scared/sceptical but braved through it and now can’t imagine a weekend without it. For work I started wearing Antipodes’ “Remarkably Red” (which is actually a dark rose). There’s something weirdly powerful about finding and wearing “your” lipstick.

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