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24 Merry Days

Ok, friends. Get ready, because it’s almost time for 24 Merry Days! (Insert me dancing a jig here. It happens. A lot.) Honestly, this is one of my favorite posts to write each year. Long time readers will know that this year marks the third annual 24 Merry Days extravaganza. In a nutshell, it’s the ultimate Christmas countdown calendar that rolls out over 24 days, features 24 bloggers and showcases 24 absolutely mind-blowing giveaways. This year, 24 Merry Days is back and it’s even bigger, badder and cooler than ever before. The party kicks off on December 1 with an awesome prize that has me feeling jealous of the winner already. From there on out, you can visit the 24 Merry Days site each day to see which blogger is giving away which prize now through Christmas. While I can’t yet tell you what I’m giving away or who is giving away what on which day, I can tell you the prizes this year are killing me they’re so good. We’re talking insane prize packages and huge gift cards from the likes of Madsen CyclesLoeffler RandallSmegPublic BikeWest Elm and Drop. Shut the front door! And the back door. Shut all the doors.

24 Merry Days | 24 Days, 24 Bloggers, 24 Giveaways

I wish I could spill all the beans right now, but I’m sworn to secrecy so make sure to pop over to 24 Merry Days first thing Monday morning to see who is giving away what and then get yourself entered to win. (Because I really really want you guys to win something awesome for yourself this holiday season!) Huge thanks to Audrey of This Little Street who is the mastermind behind 24 Merry Days and who coordinates everything each year. Now, buckle your seat belts. It’s about to get good!


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