Favorites: DIY Party Garlands

Apr 16

10 Awesome DIY Party Garlands from The Sweetest Occasion

Last week we had a little chat about party hats. And how they’re pretty much the bee’s knees. As it turns out, I’m also a junkie for a good party garland or two. They’re simply the easiest way to add a punch of color and cheer to any celebration. Bonus! Most of them are really super easy to make, usually involving little more than some combination of paper, glue, twine, and fabric. Even beginning crafters can jump on the DIY party garland bandwagon with glee!

In addition to being one of my favorite pieces of party decor, garlands are actually one of my favorite things to craft, too. There’s something about cutting and gluing and stringing while watching a movie that I just love. Ready to get your party on? Click through for ten DIY party garlands!

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