10 Glitzy DIY Oscars Party Ideas

Feb 24

10 DIY Oscars Party Ideas

Is anyone else pumped for the Oscars this weekend? Because I always find myself really excited for all the glitz and the glam. I’ll be real upfront with you and admit that I’m a sucker for the red carpet perhaps most of all. Academy Awards fashion is always awe-worthy and completely inspiring to me. So today we’re talking about Oscars parties! How you should absolutely host one and how you can make your shindig completely glam with just a few glitzy touches. Beyond that, it’s really just about a big bowl of popcorn and a few bubbly cocktails and let the star-watching commence!

Ready to take in Hollywood’s biggest night with a bit of glamor? Click through for 10 glitzy DIY Oscars party ideas!

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