Favorites: Birthday Parties for Kids

Mar 7

Favorite kids birthday party ideas

I’m pretty sure you’re all fully aware that I’m a sucker for a great party. Which naturally means I’m a total goner when it comes to amazing kid’s parties. (To illustrate that point, I’ve featured more than a few over the past few years.) I love the excuse to bust out loads of color and cheer without even having to pretend to be the grown-ups we’re supposed to be. Throw in oversized balloons, bits of confetti, a dosing of glitter and, well, I’m sold. Hook, line and sinker.

Today in honor of that love, I’ve rounded up ten of my favorite kid’s birthday parties to share with you! From the wee ones marking their first year to the older kids with personalities all their own, these ideas are going to inspire you to no end. Click through for all the fun!

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