Favorite Summer Pizza Recipes

Jul 11

10 Summer Pizza Recipes

Over the last few years I’ve become a major fan of making grilled pizza during the summer months, loading it up with all kinds of seasonal fare. I swear to you, there is no better dinner on the planet. It’s perfect for parties if you have the dough ready to go and oodles of toppings on hand for guests to dress their own pie, but it also makes for an awesome weeknight dinner. (And, of course, the leftovers are perfect the next day for breakfast or lunch!) The best thing about summer pizza is that you can get a little carried away with trying new flavor combinations. One thing I’ve learned? Fresh summery fruits like peaches, figs and strawberries are kind of amazing on pizza. And by “kind of” I actually mean “absolutely.”

Ready to indulge in a little summer pizza love affair? Click through for 10 delicious summer pizza recipes your taste buds will sure thank you for!

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