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A Practical Wedding [Sweet Blogs I Love – Part I]

Undoubtedly, A Practical Wedding is one of my favorite blogs out there. Meg is alternately candid, frank, witty, sensible, intelligent, and perhaps best of all, prone to fits of frustration and honesty that remind me that no one really has it easy casting aside those notions of grandeur when planning their nuptials. No matter how focused we may be on wanting things to be personal, sincere, honest, and true to our means, whatever the budget, I do believe there is some small, perhaps even miniscule, part of us that wants it all. For me I recognize that part of me is there and depending on the day and what fabulous gown I just nabbed up by some Upper East sider on TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress, it can be a far larger and far stronger part of me. Meg’s likable sensibility and the recent strings of fabulous real budget-friendly weddings she has been featuring compliments of her devoted following of readers, prove to me yet again that yes, yes it can be done and I too shall conquer the mountain.

The reason I opted to kick off my Sweet Blogs I Love series with A Practical Wedding stems from two factors. (1) I love love love this blog and really hope I might somehow stand a chance of reaching people in the way Meg has and (2) I was really hopelessly annoyed this morning to find that several of the major networking sites that I would have expected to have some kind of 9/11 remembrance going on did not in fact care to make any mention of the day. Nothing. Zilch. Nada. This frustrates me beyond belief. It has only been 7 years, folks! Have we possibly already started to forget how that single day impacted our world as we know it and all of the devastation that has since unfolded? Needless to say, my faith in humanity was restored to see Meg had kicked the day off with a short yet touching, somewhat even heart breaking, post this morning that I urge you to read. It never ceases to amaze me how easily a few words can bring me back to that moment as a freshman in college, driving to campus for class that morning and hearing about the first tower being hit. Once again, Meg, thanks. You always seem to get it right.

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Thursday 11th of September 2008

I'd be thanking you for this post anyway, because it's so sweet, but a double thank you for your response to todays post. I slaved over it last night, trying to figure out how to say what is always in my heart today... and then almost deleated it thinking it had become so trite. But, it's deeply personal for me, so I posted it anyway.

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