A Long Island Vineyard Wedding.

Oct 27
My good friend from graduate school is getting married one week before us at a vineyard on Long Island. Luckily, we opted to spare each other the agony of being in each other’s weddings, but we do have a lot of time for sharing ideas and meeting up for wedding related shopping adventures. She has been debating her color palette for a while now (don’t we all?) so I took [a lot of] time this morning and surprised her with two inspiration boards to help her out. I have a decided favorite and have fingers crossed in hopes she’ll pick that one, but in the meantime I thought I would share them with you. Which do you prefer for a Long Island vineyard wedding in July?

Row 1: Bouquet and suits from The Knot, necklace by Jeweled Blossoms, patio from Vineyard Caterers
Row 2: All images from The Knot
Row 3: Dress by Mikaella, bout via Brides, invitation by Wedding Paper Divas, shoes by JCrew
Row 4: Bout from , clutch by Red Ruby Rose, dress by Melissa Sweet, cake via Vineyard Caterers
Row 1: Bouquet and suits from The Knot, necklace by Jeweled Blossoms, patio from Vineyard Caterers
Row 2: All images from The Knot except martini via Pom Wonderful
Row 3: Dress by Mikaella, centerpiece photo by Samantha Warren Weddings, place setting from The Knot, shoes byJCrew
Row 4: Bout from , clutch by Red Ruby Rose, dress by Melissa Sweet, cake via Vineyard Caterers

5 thoughts on “A Long Island Vineyard Wedding.”

  1. Being that one of the colors of my alma mater is blue I’m very partial in that regard.

    That said, I like them both but would defer to the style of wine the winery specializes in. If red, go with the cooler blues/purples. If whites, go with the warmer yellows and oranges.

    Thanks for using our invitation in your inspiration board!

    Rick @ Wedding Paper Divas

  2. Oh you make it so hard! I was so sure it was going to be the first and then I saw the second… I’m not even a blue fan but you make it look so good!
    Still, personal preference trumps attempted seduction… I go with the first one!

  3. rick, I never thought of using the wines to dictate the colors like that, but it makes so much sense. I’m a huge Wedding Paper Divas fan (I think I’ve said this before? haha) and definitely push my friends to head that direction all of the time.

    krista, I am with you! I love the blue and purple, but somehow the pink and orange just have a glorious brightness to them for summer.

    redframe, I love it! “…personal preference trumps attempted seduction…” Perfectly worded!

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