The Three Word Challenge

Nov 19

Today I decided to take advantage of my unemployed status and run a few research-based wedding errands. Namely, I went to check out colors for chair sashes as I know the unfortunate black padded chairs our venue has are not going to work for me and I’ve been contemplating the addition of a color overlay to pair with the ivory linens they already provide. I also decided to check out a couple of formal wear shops to get a feel for your non-standard tuxedo options. I’ll share more on all of those thoughts and more soon (including the scoop on our venue, for instance), but as I started mulling things over today I decided I had to challenge myself to three words. If I could pick any three words, but only three words to describe the look and feel I want our wedding to evoke, what would they be?

In the end, it took much deliberation, but I think I have it worked out. And my words? Elegant, romantic, timeless. A little bit classic meets vintage wrapped up in a nautical and/or rustic chic inspired kraft paper box tied with lace and silk navy ribbon. I want a profusion of romantic candlelight paired with a kicking live band. I dream of exquisite details woven throughout a day that is simple in its pure celebration of love and family. I want to eat s’mores in a fabulous dress without worrying [much] about what will happen if I dribble chocolate on the breathtaking beaded lace that drove me to chose it over all others. I want to break a few rules, I want to challenge a few traditions, I want to start a few new traditions, and I want to do it all in a way that is timeless, nothing short of exceptionally classy and genuinely us.

So, I’m always working on my next latest and greatest inspiration board over here, and I intend to share a new one soon….once I finish tweaking it. In the meantime I did want to at least share a few of the photos that move me, make me smile, give me pause, and ultimately evoke the same feeling I hope to achieve.


Above and below by Punam Bean

via Oh So RB

Elegant, romantic timeless. Do we think it works?

As I continue to mull over my three words, which I consider to be somewhat of a work in progress, I’m challenging you to come up with your three words and then share a few photos that express or evoke your words. Leave me a comment here so I can be sure to check out your posts and then I’ll write a follow-up post linking everyone so they can check out the inspiration driving some of our favorite bloggers. Don’t disappoint me! ;-) I hope to see you all jumping on the three word challenge bandwagon.