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Dec 16

Lately as I pass through my favorite stores, I’ve been eying up Christmas decorations like a hawk. Seriously, have you stopped to contemplate just how brilliantly one could repurpose Christmas decorations as wedding decor? I have! Likely for far far too long. Throw in the fact that it’s no big surprise that much of this shiny goodness will be discounted by 50% or more as of December 26, and it basically makes a budget bride beyond intrigued. I mean, who is to say I can’t go buy up all of the beautiful ivory and champagne and gold (and maybe aqua) balls and baubles and ornaments and shimmery things to pair with beautiful bunches of white carnations, my ever-growing vintage milk glass collection, and an abundance of candles as sensationally gorgeous but recession-friendly table decor? If you can think of a reason, speak now or forever hold your peace.

From Coco + Kelley

From Martha via Polka Dot Bride

7 thoughts on “A Thought”

  1. Excellent idea! In fact, I’ve already picked up a few things already on sale at Hobby Lobby. I purchased some tall cylinder vases that I plan to put black beauty roses or peonies around the top with a Christmas ornament (crystals in a drop formation) hanging inside the vase. Votives, rose petals and diamonds will be scattered around the vase, probably on a mirror for more lighting and well… I’ll just shutup now. I’ll post pics soon! Love the idea. Go for it!

  2. I think its a great idea.

    In fact ages ago Offbeat Bride featured a wedding where the bride was using fabulous ex Christmas decorations from a shop window display – she just went in and asked if she could have them in January, and the shop said yes, we were only going to throw them away anyway.

    Now I have remembered that, I’m going to be looking at Christmas window displays much more closely…

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