Fabulous Fascinators from Twigs & Honey

Oct 9

By now I’m sure there’s a good chance you heard all about the lovely Myra and her amazing Twigs & Honey creations. If not, consider this your introduction. Myra offers the most exquisite collection of fabulous hair adornments for brides or basically any festive occasion you can imagine. Myra’s most recent additions to her shop are girly, a little bit decadent and completely fashionable – I adore every single piece. Having worn a Twigs & Honey hair piece for my own wedding, I can attest to how beautiful they are in person – even the packaging is amazingly cute. Why can’t we all be British and wear bold frilly wedding hats as both guests and brides? I vote we start a revolution and start wearing the most fabulous feathery fascinators and head bands we can find if for no other reason than it just plain sounds like fun.




{Photos by Twigs & Honey You can also follow the Twigs & Honey blog for all the latest from Myra.}

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