Our Wedding Ceremony Programs on Oh So Beautiful Paper

Nov 4

By far the most time-consuming and labor intensive of the projects I did for our wedding were the little miniature books I made for our ceremony programs. As promised, you can check them out in all of their beauty (even if I do say so myself) over on Oh So Beautiful Paper today. Thanks, Nole! I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have – just leave a comment here with your question and I’ll pull together a post about the program details if anyone is interested.



{Photos by Nole Garey for Oh So Beautiful Paper.}

7 thoughts on “Our Wedding Ceremony Programs on Oh So Beautiful Paper”

  1. Can I just tell you AGAIN how much I love these programs? You saw my simple programs, which did the trick, but I am so wishing I had done what you did!

    1. Krista, I have to say – these programs were an insanely time-consuming project so don’t beat yourself up too much. ;-) I loved the final product, but there were definitely moments I nearly threw in the towel.

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