Puppy Love – Lulu The Flower Girl

Jan 18

Ok, so this week’s Puppy Love feature is too cute for words basically because Lulu here is easily the world’s most adorable French Bulldog. Ever. Lisa Green of Anderson Green Events sent me these photos of her darling Lulu who was only a year and a half old when Lisa got married. Lisa had a floral collar made for Lulu to match her own bouquet, making Lulu the perfectly well-appointed flower girl. Lisa’s mom walked Lulu down the aisle and she got to hang out at the front of the church for the ceremony. As they recessed, Lisa and her new husband grabbed Lulu’s leash as they headed out of the church. And as Lisa shares, “I couldn’t imagine her not being with us on our wedding day since she’s such a huge part of our family.”



Thank you for sharing, Lisa! Lulu is absolutely adorable.

{Photos by Kathleen Doran Photography and AMRW Photography.}

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