Beautiful Wedding Flowers from Celebrate Flowers

Jan 27

I was revisiting some of my favorite blog pasts of months past (safely tucked away in my Google Reader starred items) when I stumbled upon this wedding at The Foundry in Long Island City that Kathryn posted on Snippet & Ink back in October of 2008. I was immediately struck by the gorgeous flowers at this wedding, the same reason I remember loving it over a year ago. The flowers were designed by Jorge at Celebrate Flowers in Chelsea and include the prettiest assortment of pink, blue, purple and white blooms including two of my personal favorites, lilacs and cherry blossoms. Winter continues to be snowy and blowy here in upstate NY, but these flowers have me dreaming of warm days in late May when all the flowers will be in bloom.





{Photos by Karen Wise from Snippet & Ink.}

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Wedding Flowers from Celebrate Flowers”

  1. I hear ya, Rebecca! hahaha Same as I couldn’t get peonies in July. Damn those growing seasons. ;-)

    Couldn’t agree more, Rachel! Just so so pretty.

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