Inspiring Images – Dancing Ballerinas

Feb 16

I’m going to switch things up a little bit this morning and share a few photos I found over the weekend while we were working on packing for the upcoming move to our new house. I took these photographs in 2000 on my first SLR, a little Fuji 35mm, and printed them in the darkroom my father built for me when I was in high school. They are so completely imperfect and yet I love each of them. They remind me of being young and full of inspiration and have been the nicest little pick-me up this week so I thought I’d share a couple. You never know where you’ll find inspiration – sometimes it might be in your own box of memories lovingly stashed away for a rainy day.






{Photos by Cyd Converse.}

7 thoughts on “Inspiring Images – Dancing Ballerinas”

    1. Hi Patty! Because these are old prints, I’m not sure if I have the negatives anymore for creating prints – I will take a look and be in touch if I do! Thank you so so much for your interest, it means so much!

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