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A Sweet Valentine’s Day Cake

Oh, Paul. The things you do to me. (And my waistline. But we’ll not speak of those.) I’m completely smitten with this sweet and simple cake, the perfect treat to share with someone special. It’s a yummy chocolate cake dusted with powdered sugar using a heart-shaped template cut out of paper. If you don’t have time to bake, stop by the local bakery for a tray of brownies and add a little love in the form of a powdered sugar heart and you’ll be set for the perfect Valentine’s Day celebration.


p.s. My husband and I finally got the commitment letter from the bank yesterday. We really get to be homeowners soon! I am so so happy. “Yay!” about sums it up.

{Photo from Sweet Paul.}

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Tuesday 8th of February 2011

[...] Powdered Sugar Chocolate Cake.  Psst, the baker responsible for this amazing piece of temptation says you can buy the cake instead of making it. Do a little powdered sugar decorating and take all the credit. My Grandpa used to do frost Sara Lee pound cakes, and the BINGO ladies loved him. Like gourmet lingerie for cupcakes [...]