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Glittery Ballerina Birthday Party

I think at some point in the lives of most little girls, they dream about being a pretty ballerina, dancing about in skirts made from layers of tulle. Or a figure skater. For me, it was both. And I was also going to be an Olympic gold medalist gymnast. (We can see how well that one worked out for me, huh?) So when I saw this gorgeous ballerina birthday party Glory Albin planned for her daughter Bailey, it was almost too much for me to handle. Glory makes the most incredible cookies and cupcakes you’ve ever seen and she also has an Etsy shop where she offers handmade cupcake toppers. Naturally, Bailey’s birthday party had all the perfect details from cupcakes dressed like ballerinas, to glittery snowflake cookies in pretty pastel shades of blue and pink, and even a private ballet lesson for Bailey and her friends.




Glory tied cute little pink skirts to each chair to serve as both party decor and favors for the little guests. She created a beautiful hanging centerpiece which was hung from the ceiling around the chandelier in the dining room and was strung with ribbons and snowflakes and ballerina cutouts in shades of pink and blue. It was a truly special way to celebrate Bailey’s fourth birthday. For more photos, visit Glory’s Flickr page.




{Photos by Glory Albin.}

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.