Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches

Apr 21

I know my love for sweets and treats is well documented, but have I ever confessed my undying love for ice cream? I’m not sure. So I guess today is that day. Confession time – ice cream is hands down, no contest, my absolute favorite food. I’m entirely convinced that it is, in fact, the world’s greatest invention. With that said, it’s probably no big surprise that I’ve been really incredibly excited at the number of delicious homemade ice cream sandwich recipes popping up lately. So I figured I’d share a few lest my fellow ice cream lovers should go without. (It’s also no big surprise that a few of these ideas come from Tartelette, because she always does treats right.)


homemade-ice-cream-sandwiches-red-white-striped-paper-straws{Vanilla Bean Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwiches from Tartelette.}


{Snickderdoodle Lemon Ice Cream Sandwiches from Tartelette.}

easter-strawberry-homemade-ice-cream-sandwiches{Cherry Ice Cream Sandwiches from Twig & Thistle.}

Ok and so technically this is not an ice cream sandwich, but it sure does look tasty!


{Cherry Rose and Coconut Ice Cream from Tartelette.}

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