Peach Color Palette Inspiration

May 11

When we’re both in New York City this upcoming weekend for the National Stationery Show, Ami of Elizabeth Anne Designs and I are collaborating on a little project. I can’t share many details right now other than to say that it involves my new favorite color of the moment, peach. Accordingly, I’ve been finding myself completely in love with all things pretty in peach lately. I love peach paired with white, with soft dove gray, with the softest shades of blush pink. I used to associate peach with questionable color palettes from the 80s, but now I can’t help but see it as utterly romantic and completely timeless.

peach-peonies-white-tulip-centerpiece{Photo via Truly Smitten.}

peach-gray-wedding-color-palette-flower-cake-topper{Photo via A Life More Fabulous. | Photo by Elizabeth Messina.}

peach-white-wedding-invitations-rifle-anna-bond{Photo by Rinne Allen via Once Wed.}

peach-silk-flowers-bridal-accessories-twigs-honey{Photo from twigs & honey.}

white-peach-centerpiece-saipua-floral-design{Photo from Saipua.}

peach-bridesmaid-dresses-vintage-lace-wedding-dress{Photo by April Smith Photography via Once Wed.}

vintage-inspired-wedding-ideas-peach-bouquet{Photo by Elle Jae Weddings via Style Me Pretty.}

pink-peach-white-wedding-bouquet-joy-thigpen{Photo by Rinne Allen via Once Wed.}

13 thoughts on “Peach Color Palette Inspiration”

  1. Have fun this wekend!
    SO OMG… I know! Peachy anything is something I’m obsessed over right now. I can’t stop wanting to make everything peach colored. It’s a problem! haha!! It is still cold in Oregon, but a few weeks ago, I bought peach colored shorts just based on the color. I have more peach head pieces on their way too! I LOVE it! Thank you for the T&H love too!!!!

    1. Myra – Soooo glad I’m not the only one dying over peach! And, of course, we know I’m a mega twigs & honey fan so I’m more than happy to spread the love! ;-) xoxo

      Lydia – So pretty, right? Glad you love it!

      Loola – So happy you enjoyed the post, I am just so in love with peach right now. I really don’t think you can wrong with this color palette, it’s just so beautiful. Best of luck planning!

  2. This is EXACTLY what I envision for my upcoming wedding. I have been in love with pale peachy tones for such a long time and these photos are re-affirming my decision to go with these colours! Yay!

  3. Could someone please let me know the name of those peach Chanel heels? I cannot find them online anywhere and don’t have time to travel to a Chanel boutique. They are gorgeous and JUST what I am looking for for my wedding shoes. Thanks.

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