Al Fresco California Bohemian Wedding – Portraits + DIY

Jun 7

To follow up on today’s amazingly beautiful gypsy-inspired al fresco wedding inspiration shoot for the Inspired Creations Contest, I have a few more portraits to share and a DIY tutorial for the adorable wishing tree guest book the team created. Without further ado, we’ll resume with more gorgeous images from flutter glass Photography







al-fresco-bohemian-weddingAnd now onto the DIY instructions…


Container (we used the large square box from IKEA)
Manzanita branch
Floral foam large enough to fit in your container
Rocks (we collected ours from the park)
Flowers or succulents
Tag Punch (ours is from Michaels)
Hole Punch
Twine or Ribbon

1. Cut your floral foam to the measurements of your container so that it fits snugly inside. Leave a few inches of space above foam for rocks.
2. Take your branch and push it into the center of the foam 2 to 3 inches.
3. Fill the rest of the container with rocks so that the branch feels secure.
4. Decorate the top with cut succulents or flowers.
5. Using your tag punch, stamp enough tags for your guests from your paper.
6. Punch a hole in the center of the top of each tag and thread with a few inches of twine or ribbon.
7. Place tags in a pretty bowl and create a little sign letting guests know to write a wish for the couple and hang it from the tree.
wishing-tree-diy-guest-bookThank you so much, ladies, for this amazing entry and fun DIY project! If I could live inside your vision of a gypsy wedding, I absolutely would. Thanks for being a part of the Inspired Creations Contest!

Courtney Cole of White Flower Boutique
Jenna Kageyama of flutter glass Photography
Emilia Keene-Kendrick of Sweet Emilia Jane
Erin Lepperd of Erin Ever After
Hairpieces by Lo Boheme
Models, Brian Block and Anastasiia Russell