Inspired Creations – Al Fresco California Bohemian Wedding Inspiration

Jun 7

Good morning! I hope you had a beautiful weekend. To kick things right off this week, it’s back to our Inspired Creations Contest entries! When introducing this next one, I have to be honest and admit that when I first saw it, my heart ached. It’s just that beautiful. The incredible jewel toned colors and the lush, wild flowers are really all it took to make me fall madly in love. This amazing creation is the work of Courtney Cole of White Flower Boutique, Jenna Kageyama of flutter glass Photography, Emilia Keene-Kendrick of Sweet Emilia Jane and Erin Lepperd of Erin Ever After and I have no doubt you will love it as much as I do.



bohemian-wedding-tablescape-california-bohoThe team shares, “This shoot grew from a love for all things bohemian mixed with a penchant for the gorgeous natural parks of California. We were inspired by the vibrant oranges of the state flower, the poppy, and the perfectly speckled feathers of the state bird, the quail. Fuse these all together and what do you get? Why California Bohemian, of course, and so our concept was born. We wanted to evoke the feeling of a roving gypsy caravan that stopped in the wilds of California and threw a gorgeous bohemian wedding al fresco. Think bright, wild blooms mixed with antique gold and feathers. Lots of feathers.”





pink-peach-ribbons-table-setting-ideas“Flowers played a huge part in our tablescape and we knew two things for certain…we wanted them vibrant and we wanted them wild! All of the blooms and succulents were purchased at local farmers markets, which are a great alternative if you are going DIY with your flowers. They are often less expensive and locally grown which is much more eco-friendly. We used birch tube containers to bring in an organic, natural feel to the table and incorporated vintage gold and mercury glass pieces from our own collection to add a little opulence. One our favorite design tricks is placing unexpected elements together and it really added to the richness and texture of the table. A mix of vintage furniture and handmade pillows and linens completed the look.”




california-park-wedding-al-fresco-bohemian“One of our favorite features was the Booze and Berries table. This would be such a fun cocktail station for a wedding and it is extremely easy to implement. Guests could pretty their drinks up with fun cocktail stirrers and an array of fruit toppings. We chose a yummy Blood Orange Champagne punch that is so very delicious and festive and the perfect color for our gypsy soiree.”




wishing-tree-diy-guest-book“We also wanted to add a twist to the traditional gues tbook and so created a Wish Tree where guests could hang their love and wishes for the newlyweds. This seemed the perfect bohemian touch and the Manzanita branch added a lovely organic element to the table. There is a great DIY tutorial on making your very own wish tree, too!”



yellow-flower-field-bohemian-wedding-ideas-picnic-blanket-photos“Our couple escaped to a secret love spot tucked away in the wildflower fields with a picnic blanket, pillows and fur throw laid out and shared a toast to their new love.”


california-bohemian-wedding-pink-blue-red-yellow-color-palette“This shoot was all about rich colors and textures set in the pretty fields of California with lots of flowy hippy dippy love and we are so excited with the result. The best part about this concept is that in can be created almost anywhere in any state. Most parks offer unique and budget-friendly alternatives to the wedding venue and all that natural beauty just adds to the decor.”

Crazy beautiful, right? Stay tuned because later today I have a few more photos and a great DIY to share for the sweet wishing tree guest book these talented ladies designed. Don’t miss it!

Courtney Cole of White Flower Boutique
Jenna Kageyama of flutter glass Photography
Emilia Keene-Kendrick of Sweet Emilia Jane
Erin Lepperd of Erin Ever After
Hairpieces by Lo Boheme
Models, Brian Block and Anastasiia Russell

70 thoughts on “Inspired Creations – Al Fresco California Bohemian Wedding Inspiration”

  1. The tree stump vases are such an adorable touch! And the “booze & berries” sign is hilarious…what more could you need, I guess? Also, the incredible variety of flowers gives so much character to the tablescape. Love it!

  2. I have to say that this is truly fantastic…

    Full disclosure…I’m about to tie the knot with Miss (soon to be Mrs.) Sweet Emilia Jane, but I can’t help but gush a little bit here and just say how incredibly proud I am. These guys put in an awful lot of work and I was totally blown away by how wonderful this came out.

    So, let’s hear it for my girls…this was really a dream come true.

  3. Erin, Emilia and Jenna, you ladies did an AMAZING job!! I can just imagine myself enjoying some “Booze and Berries” at this elegant and colorful table!! Bravo!!

  4. This is aces. Obviously the flowers are gorgeous, but more importantly, they’re beautifully put together. I love how the colors bounce off each other. Anybody can buy flowers and put them on a table but it takes a certain kind of talent to present them this way. It’s really quite lovely.

  5. LOVE <3! so happy for you guys. This is absolutely dreamy, wish I had hired you for my wedding! you guys did a great job.

  6. Aw, thanks everyone for the sweet comments! We had such a blast creating this and I’m so happy so many of you enjoy it. I hope it does inspire some bohemian love fest in the future! And, if so, invite me! :) I’ll be posting more pics during the week on my blog too – Thank you, Cyd, for the great post!

  7. Love the colors – especially the vibrant pinks and blues. The fabric on the chairs is also gorgeous. The whole thing is at once natural, elegant, and relaxed. Great job!

  8. Gorgeous! The colors are stunning, the flowers and all the touches of nature with the birch vases and slice of tree trunk chaulkboard, loved it all…

  9. In love with this! Are you allowed to share what park you used for this inspiration shoot? I am getting married & want something exactly like this!

  10. Wow, love the Midnight Summer’s Dream vibe! This looks very homey, yet trendy. What I mean is it seems comfortable and country-like, yet really elegant–just what a wedding should be! Great eclecticism!

  11. I love the idea for the Booze and Berries bar. The candy/treat bar has become so overplayed at weddings. Wonderful creative twist.

  12. You ladies did an amazing job with this shoot! Your vision was amazing and you completely hit on on the spot. Great job and thank you so much for paring up with us!

  13. I especially love the table ….all the gorgeous flowers in vibrant colors looks amazing. I want to be able to sit down at that table and join the party!

  14. You guys did a fabulous job! I totally am in love with it! It won’t work for my wedding, but I am totally going to use the inspiration for a fun party this summer! Everyone here in New Mexico is going ga-ga for it!

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