2011 Words to Live By

Jan 3

I’m sure I’m not alone in my desire to make 2011 the best year yet so I thought I’d share these pretty words to live by – they will be my inspiration throughout the new year. I’ve got a lot exciting things coming up professionally and personally this year, and accordingly I’ve committed to being more positive and more forward-thinking in 2011, to let no opportunity pass me by unconsidered and to make the most of every day. We’re only here for however long we’re here and I’m determined to never wonder “why didn’t I”, but rather to always be able to say that I tried. I dreamed, I worked, I made every effort I could to live exactly the life I want to live. Is anyone else dreaming big this year? Let’s dream big together. Let’s do something amazing.

{Image by Little Aviary via Lanalou Style.}

6 thoughts on “2011 Words to Live By”

  1. I’m dreaming BIG this year too… and moving to San Francisco! 2010 had it’s successes and failures but I agree, that taking risks is the only way to avoid wondering “what if”. I decided to make three wishes this year instead of New Years resolutions… so for starters I am wishing for the perfect new place to live ;) This is the first time I’ve posted a comment but I’ve been lurking – I really love your blog!
    .-= Mia’s most recent blog post: Happy New Year! =-.

  2. You guys rock. Seriously, thanks for making my entire week. Getting to make friends who “get it” and are right there with me has been such a blessing. It keeps me fired up and it keeps me believing that anything is truly possible. Looking forward to what 2011 brings for all of us!

    Mia, I’m so glad you came out to comment! (Although I admit to often being a lurker myself on some of my favorite blogs.) Best of luck with your move and I’m rooting you on in the hunt for the perfect home. Happy New Year!

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