Keep Calm + Dream On Inspiration Shoot

Apr 18

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you had the loveliest weekend. To kick off the week in fine style, it’s back to sharing the amazing entries from the Inspired Creations Contest. Today’s inspiration shoot comes from the team of Posey & Bloom, Shasta Hankins and Easy Dreamer Photography. Together they envisioned the photos to be like a dream sequence, where things that are seemingly odd together are actually perfectly harmonious. Pretty little details such as balloons, crowns, glitter and wishes were paired with organic-inspired, woodsy elements and quirky papier-mâché mushrooms. I love the playful, dream-inspired feel and the endless imagination this amazing team put to work.

Vendors –
Styling, floral arrangements + hair pieces: Posey & Bloom / Makeup: Shasta Hankins / Styling + photography: Easy Dreamer Photography

{Photos by Easy Dreamer Photography.}

45 thoughts on “Keep Calm + Dream On Inspiration Shoot”

  1. Where are those Wish tickets from? I really want to use carnival type tickets at my wedding next summer, and those Wish ones are so much cuter than the typical Admit One.

  2. So amazing! I love the use of glitter, and that crown works so well with the entire set. Such a fan of these girls!

  3. LOVE this shoot. the models were gorgeous – as were makeup, hair, props and photography. Easy Dreamer photography is always THE BEST.

  4. Megan’s photography is insanely gorgeous! I think this shoot is totally appropriate because all of her images are so dreamy to begin with. And the rest of the styling is just lovely. Perfect shoot!

  5. This is so beautiful! the creativity of the sparkles with the mixture of the paper mushrooms just makes for a realization that relationships are full of fun spice and awkward things that can come together and work out to be an amazing combination, and an everlasting relationship.

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