Video Tutorial: DIY Stop-Motion Video

May 17

Hey there! It’s Chelsea from Lovely Indeed, bringing you a very special video DIY. Stop-motion videos are all the rage these days and I’m breaking down the easy how-to for creating your own. Watch the clip below to find out how to make a stop-motion video!

As promised, here is the stop-motion created by my fiance and me, designed to ask our bridesmaids and groomsmen to be part of our wedding. Enjoy! xoxo

9 thoughts on “Video Tutorial: DIY Stop-Motion Video”

    1. Hi there! iMovie is just a Mac application, yes. If you do a google search, you should be able to find something similar for Windows. (Unfortunately most of us Mac users don’t know much about Windows!) The process of taking the photos would be the same. Hope this helps! :-)

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