Party Palette: Fuchsia + Pistachio

Oct 13

I’m pretty much in love with today’s color palette. There’s something about pretty pistachio green paired with punchy fuchsia that just makes all seem right with the world. I love playful, happy colors and this palette is definitely all about the fun. In addition to making a rockin’ color palette for your next shindig, I think it’d make a pretty awesome little girl’s bedroom, too.

{top. Greg Photoboy. left. Once Wed via Brooklyn Bride. right. Moore Minutes.}

9 thoughts on “Party Palette: Fuchsia + Pistachio”

  1. Gorgeous – and we have the same taste!! I have the photo of the flowers and the piece by Michelle Armas pinned on Pinterest – and I have that print (it’s by Sarah Gardner) in my bedroom! And don’t even get me started on the macarons. Just lovely!

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