Loving Red White + Blue

Nov 11

As the sister of an Iraq war veteran, Veterans Day has taken on considerable meaning for me as an adult. The sacrifices our military servicemen and women make every day are never lost on me, but especially on Veterans Day I think it’s important to take a moment to salute our troops. So with that in mind, here’s my little ode to red, white and blue. To those who are currently serving our country or have served before, thank you for all you do.

{Photos: Flag in a field / bedroom / hallway / flag curtain /red Hunter boots / striped dress / throw blanket.}

4 thoughts on “Loving Red White + Blue”

  1. I love these photos and I love the idea of using the flag for decor. Makes me wonder what is appropriate for flag display? Since it’s bad to let the flag “touch the ground” is it bad manners to use it as a cover for your couch or curtain? Either way, I’ll still find a way to display it. I love the one where it’s hanging in the hall. Just wondering what your thoughts are on this?
    .-= Megan ‘s most recent blog post: FORGE [Branding] =-.

    1. Hey Megan! I have a vintage American flag I bought on ebay that I am going to use in my home as wall decor. It will hang over our dining room table. The seller made note of how it was handled, packed and shipped and we’ve taken good care to ensure it’s handled and stored with respect in our home. For me it will hang horizontal.

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