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The Sweetest Occasion in BRIDES (and Elsewhere)

I’ve been hard at work on a lot of projects lately and it has been such an honor to collaborate with so many talented people. I wanted to take a quick moment today to shout out some of the great features The Sweetest Occasion has received as of late. First up, it was an absolute honor to be showcased in the Blog Star column in the November 2011 issue of BRIDES. I shared 10 great budget-friendly ideas for things that can do double duty at your wedding and save you big bucks. Check it out in print or online at!

Of course, you already know all about our Baileys Friendsgiving collaboration, but our DIY guru in-residence Jenny Batt of Hank & Hunt is also participating in the Cricut Mini Challenge. (Stay tuned for the complete DIY details on Jenny’s awesome project next week.) Be sure to visit both Baileys and Cricut on facebook to leave the love! You can also ‘like’ The Sweetest Occasion on facebook for up to the minute ideas and inspiration for all of your party needs!

{The Sweetest Occasion for Baileys Friendsgiving.}

{The Sweetest Occasion participates in the Cricut Mini Challenge.}

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